Friday, October 3, 2008

A new year, a new season.

I'm not sure why this Summer brought that infinitely wise man to our blog, but he was not relevant and has been removed. If "he" decides to actually write about Cooper, we'll welcome him back with open arms.

It's the show season again and there is always something to say about what's hanging on the walls. Any thoughts about "Mystic Touch", the work from Prague? Sophomores making revelations about studio practice, Juniors getting used to LIC?

This blog is not just show reviews, it's for Cooper students to speak about anything happening in the art school, anonymously or otherwise, and promote discussion about these things. We may even glimpse the unity and debate seen nearly two years ago when the student body had to stand up to the administration. Apathy is not attractive or productive; whatever you have to say is welcomed.